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HERS Modeler Training & Certification

Welcome to HERS Modeler Training!

This course is designed to give students the knowledge and skills necessary to create and/or edit rating models for HERS rating purposes under the supervision of a certified HERS Rater. Some of the capabilities you will gain from taking this course include: understanding residential building plans and specifications, reference RESNET Standards to ensure proper code compliance, create projected and confirmed HERS Ratings from plans, builder specifications, and field data collection forms using RESNET Accredited HERS Modeling software tool, Ekotrope.

BER offers HERS Modeler Training & Certification to students interested in becoming a RESNET HERS Modeler. New to the industry? Don't worry! This course begins with an overview of the industry, additional background information, and resources before leading students through the use of the software.

The program includes a walk-through of two full HERS ratings, from interpreting the plans and specs to the final report. To earn the HERS Modeler designation, students will complete the training course, complete three mentored HERS rating models, and pass the RESNET Practical Evaluation as observed by a RESNET Training Provider. Finally, in order to complete the process of earning the certified HERS Modeler designation, the candidate shall complete two additional probationary HERS rating models under the supervision of a RESNET HERS Rating Provider.

Once certified, HERS Modelers must be registered with a RESNET HERS Rating Provider and may begin working on HERS rating models under the direct supervision of a certified HERS Rater.

HERS Modeler Training Packages

Discount pricing is available for student groups of 4 or larger, BER Member Companies, and PEP Members.