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professional services


BER offers professional services to assist our clients in offering the technical services of their businesses. These services include residential energy modeling, residential HVAC design, commercial energy modeling, commercial HVAC design, high performance building modelling and consultation (Passive House, NetZero Ready and NetZero). BER uses a variety of software options to meet our clients’ needs, primarily HOT2000, Ekotrope, REM/Rate, WUFI, PHPP, RETScreen, and eQuest. Additional options are available if needed.

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Residential Energy Modelling

Energy modeling is necessary to verify a home’s energy efficiency rating and help identify potential areas for improvements. However, performing them properly takes time away from other tasks such as field work. Projected energy models can be created from plans by BER before home construction begins to assist you and the builder to identify potential areas of improvement. Energy models are available in HOT2000, Ekotrope, REM/Rate, PHPP, or WUFI and can be used to verify energy ratings and gain certifications for many programs such as:

  • Code Compliance
  • DOE Zero Energy Ready Home
  • NRCan EnerGuide Rating
  • LEED for Homes
  • Passive House
  • And many more!
HVAC design blueprints

Commercial energy modeling

BER offers commercial and large multifamily whole-building energy modeling using RETScreen and eQuest. For modeling in other platforms or other performance modeling criteria, contact BER to discuss the project. Commercial energy modeling services shall be priced per project based on the size, scope and complexity of the project


High performance building modelling and consulting services

BER offers supportive high performance building consulting and building modelling services so you can take your business offerings to the next level, whether you want to explore Passive house, Net Zero buildings or both, BER is here to support you in taking that step and elevating your stake in the industry.