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Serving your QA needs

BER offers QA Contractor services for Utility Programs, Service Organizations, and independent Energy Advisors nationwide. Due to our expertise, professionalism, national presence, and competitive fee structure, several prominent industry stakeholders use BER for their file & field QA needs. Let the experts in QA at BER help save you time and improve your business.

BER’s QAC program promotes efficiency and cost savings by giving our clients a cost-effective way to have well trained, high value Quality Assurance staff at your fingertips helping improve your operational business prowess, and expertise.

A breakdown of the key services offerings as part of its QAC programs are detailed below:

Service Organizations / Independent Energy Advisors Utilities and Efficiency Program Providers
  • Conduct QA file assessments on 5% of audits conducted by Energy advisors, as aligns with NRCANs QA Standards.
  • Conduct a minimum of 1 QA field review, per Energy Advisor per year.
  • Conduct QA Field reviews on 1% of files audited per year.
  • Provide technical support services, via phone, email.
  • Provide feedback and coaching based on the results of file and field reviews conducted.
  • Provide monthly QA summary reports summarising advisor performance and training opportunities.
  • Mentorship for new Energy Advisors entering the industry.
  • Tailored industry trainings based on the findings from QA reviews and common issues that are arising, offering easily assessable technical training to improve energy advisor performance.
  • Provide file and field QA services working with energy professionals who are conducting audits for utility / efficiency programs and services.
  • Provide technical support services for energy professionals who are working with utility/ efficiency programs on the delivery of their programs.
  • Provide utility / efficiency program provider with relevant data and performance information for them to conduct necessary program regulation activities.
  • Develop training support and education opportunities based on QA findings.
  • Create one point of contact for all QA activities for the utility or efficiency program provider.

Please contact us for fee structure and more information on BER’s innovative approach to Quality Assurance Services.